Email 68: trippin'

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...I really don't know why I spent ~350 words describing me tripping.

Me neither :-) -- except that some immediate family members would've appreciated the connection to an earlier incident. Anyway, he bruised his knee good falling down some concrete stairs.

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Email 67: temple vs. fire station

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Your friendly editor is on vacation in UT w/ Ariana (it's her "Daddy Trip"), so I'm going to be pretty lazy on editing.

This week got more interesting as it progressed.

Monday, I spent a while on the computer filling out FAFSA stuff.

Tuesday, both of our lessons fell through (which is more normal than not). We spent an hour and a half talking with this lady named Miss Ridgelle. A couple of her grandkids were over (both toddler age) and apparently normally they do not like strangers; usually they cry and hide whenever someone comes over. But they were both playing happily in the room while we were talking, and by the end of the visit, I *almost* got the younger one to give me a fist bump (the older one was happy to do it though).
Tuesday evening, all the missionaries in our district went with the youth and sang Christmas Carols at a nursing home.

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Email 65: Thanksgiving

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Thursday was Christmas. No, wait, it was Halloween. No? Still not right? Let's see. Oh yes, it must have been Columbus Day, because we celebrated people coming over to America from Europe, and Columbus did just that. I talked with this family who seems to be insane for the most part. Not to go into details, but the parents seem to have forced two of their kids to move to Idaho, where they were starving. Perhaps it was the plethora of children; I counted at least ten or eleven, plus some other relatives in the household. Maybe they thought that by sending a couple of their kids away, they would have some more resources to take care of their children still at home.

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Email 61

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Thursday, the Sisters had their car broken into - someone smashed a window in and stole some clothes and other stuff. Honestly, I'm a little surprised that doesn't happen a lot more around here.

Tuesday, we got our tire repaired because we got a screw in it.

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