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Tuesday, the Branch had a barbecue at the church building. In order for us to earn our food, we had to help clean the church building. Even with how small the buliding is, it took a while vacuuming, because it didn't have any large vacuums.
If you invite a Texan to a barbecue, and they show up and find only hotdogs and hamburgers, they will either laugh, or be offended. Texan barbecues have to have at the very least a brisket, or some chicken and some ribs. Here in Louisana, we had hotdogs and chicken. If there were any native Texans there, they would have been disappointed in the meat selection.

Matthew went on exchanges this week, enjoying a rather fulfilling day of proselyting, and planning ways to keep his trunky companion working. One day they had to modify their finding plans because of something you'd expect to experience in Houston, not a small town: the neighborhood was closed off after a shooting.

A comment about the hot peppers at one of their meals this week:

The spice wasn't bad - it just felt like someone stuck a knife through my tongue.


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