Two P-Days

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With all the hoopla about the virus and the missionaries being stuck in their apts. with little to do, they were told that they could contact home twice a week. With transfers moving this week's P-Day to Thursday, Pres. Savage told them to call home today.

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COVID-19 Measures / Car Switch

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Ths mission has sent several emails to reassure parents and notify them of the status of their missionaries. In the latest email, we learned that all of the missionaries are staying home and teaching lessons “virtually” with video chat, or participating in outdoor activities and keeping a distance from other people. Dinners are to be cooked (no raw produce) and delivered to them by members, with a video visit afterwards.

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Official Email #10: Exercise in Humility

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After proclaiming it to be a great week, Alexander's expressed excitement for an elderly lady who committed to church attendance.  He also wrote that Elder Wong of the Seventy visited their zone conference.

We learned so much from him, and we found out that he has an incredible sense of humor.

He also has an accomplishment that he can brag about!

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