1st email from Elder Boling!

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Excerpts from letter home:

Sorry I couldn't email earlier, we can only email home on P-day, and for us that is Saturday. The first day was interesting; we got to meet our companions (who go to the same missions we do) and the people in our district, and explore the MTC.

My companion is Elder Branson, and he is also from Washington. We have become good friends, though I cannot come up with two more oppisite people. I think that may be part of the reason we get along so well. He plays football, is a big fan of video games, has two siblings, and uses social media. All the missionaries in my district are awesome....

Marshmallow Mateys are not as good as they were advertised to be.... Our district went to the Temple today....That made for a great morning.

(He also detailed his battle w/ the automatically-locking high-efficiency washer in the laundry room, which was entertaining.)

Elders Boling & Branson Alexander with his MTC district

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