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Today was Matthew's P-Day.

it has only been a couple of days since you saw me last, but I decided to email home anyway.


On Wednesday, I arrived at the MTC, went through an orientation, and set my phone up with the required software for missionaries. It shouldn't have taken more than about 15 minutes at most, but my phone was being super stubborn so it took over two hours and several MTC technology specialists racking their brains before my phone was set up. After that, I went to my dorm and met the rest of my district in person (most of them are surprisingly short) and then went to meet my teachers in person.


This morning, I went to the temple with most of my district....Since we can't leave our laundry unattended, I'm writing this as it is washing. We're going to play volleyball this afternoon for our exercise.

They provide computers in the laundry room, which is really nice. What isn't really nice is the keyboard. I think that it was decent when it was new, but a lot of the buttons are really hard to press, and the F and J keys don't have bumps on them. Overall, I think that it would be faster to type on my phone. Speaking of typing on my phone, the bluetooth keyboard is really nice, Dad. It makes journaling so much easier, and my roommates are envious of it.

The internet speed here is so much faster than at home. I've attached a screenshot of the speed test results.

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