Official email #13

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Not too much in today's email that wasn't already covered in the previous one. A few things:

    So first off, I am having a great time here, even with the whole virus and quarantine thing. And in case anyone was wondering, I don't have Corona, and neither does anyone else I know. And we have been able  to get everything we need.

I love the Bluetooth keyboard! I never realized just how nice it was until now when I left it in the car and I had to type up this email on a soft keyboard!

We have someone...who is on date! To bad we can't do baptisms due to Covid-19. He will have to wait... 😢 But he is really excited for it!

  The work has been a little slow since we just got transferred, but so far I love this area! I got a camera from Elder Koopmans right before transfers. It is 20MP, 26x optical zoom plus 4x digital zoom, and looks a lot like Matthew's.
    The first time I went out to use it, we walked to a park nearby, and I got some great pictures! Then we realized that the park was out of our area. And our district. And our zone. And our mission. More bragging rights!
    I will probably send you another email today.
(He didn't.)

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