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I heard that there was a red flag warning in Kalama, so if you see a red flag, notify the authorities - those red flags are probably pretty dangerous.

6 of the 9 pictures that Matthew sent this week featured him hanging out
w/ the Chapmans (The nonmember family w/ "Mama", "Auntie", and Mama's son Scott). They sure do love the elders! Michele wondered if it was a southern hospitality thing, and I jokingly replied "Naw, it's an evil plot to get them to waste all their time there", adding that two of the pictures were at a casino [restaurant].

This week's service at the food pantry included work in the attic.

At least in Kalama, it cools off overnight. Here, cooling off overnight doesn't happen between about April or May and November.

Checking off "Louisiana" items: He visited Gator Chateau, where he saw and held some alligators. He also had dinner in Crowley, the easternmost part of the mission. I told him that he has to get in on a Louisiana crawfish boil before he leaves.

Lots of driving this week. They had an extra zone conference to get to know the new mission president. They also added a 3rd missionary to their companionship (who conveniently just came off medical leave) because Matthew's companion decided last week that he also wanted to go home a transfer early (like Matthew is doing so he can actually come home instead of going straight to school).

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