Email 95: Travel plans

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This week the church sent Matthew's flight itinerary (which he hasn't officially been informed of yet). We'll pick him up from PDX early in the afternoon of Fri, Jul 28, and assuming that his flight's not delayed significantly, take him straight to the stake center to be released before the stake president leaves for girls' camp.

Some excerpts from this week's letter:

Tuesday, Elder Christensen had a doctor's appointment in Vidor, so we got to go there. We stopped by the Ross Compound for lunch, but Tuesdays are when President Ross works at the temple, so he wasn't home. I took a selfie of me sitting in President Ross's chair, and sent the picture to him.

Wednesday evening, we went to Vicky's house (owner of God's Pantry), and sat on her front porch for perhaps an hour or so, talking with her. There were a so many mosquitoes there that I eventually gave up trying to slap them, and let them bite me. When I got home that night, I counted 49 bites total

I don't know how this is possible, but Louisiana seems to be flatter than Texas.

Most of the land around here is spent farming one of two things: Rice, and crawfish.
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