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And the saga of daily nosebleeds continues...

(It may be that way throughout the summer if they have to use the A/C a lot.)

The rain was unpredictable, as it was last week:

Thursday, it was supposed to pour all day. We brought rain jackets with us. It didn't rain until about 10:30 that evening.

They had stake conference, which provided the opportunity for several great reunions w/ people from his first area, as well as Michele's friend. Due to tight timing w/ a teaching appt. and bedtime, they also got their bikes hauled back & forth in the back of a ward missionary's Tesla model Y.

They had a fun dinner w/ a Columbian family who spoke no English:

Tuesday, we had arepas dinner with the Gutierrez family. They are immigrants from Central America, and don't speak any English. They don't understand any English either. So it was fun having a conversation with them. During dinner, Brother Gutierrez recited a spanish tongue twister, then had us try to say it. This particular tongue twister was full of rolling r's. So when Brother Gutierrez found out that I couldn't roll my r's, he started making fun of me for not being able to roll my r's. Then, the turns tabled. I learned that he couldn't say the word "restroom". One, he couldn't say the R sound without rolling it, and two, he had trouble with the hard T sound, and the "oom" (he said it as "um"). So I got to make fun of him for not being able to say "restroom".


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