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Monday, it wasn't supposed to rain. It didn't.

Tuesday, it wasn't supposed to rain. It didn't.

Wednesday, it wasn't supposed to rain. It did.

Fortunately downpours in TX are almost always preceded by thunder; nevertheless, by the time they biked from the park (with no shelters) where they were studying to their next destination, they were quite soaked. Of course, in TX, you don't need to worry about getting cold from the rain (after January); Saturday's storm, for example, was followed by 90 degrees.

Thursday was my last doctor's appointment for my wrist. On the way home, Elder Nelson and I stopped by the house that our family stayed at when we were in Spring, and I got a picture in front of it.

(He remembered where the house was? How does he know these things?)

Not many in the teaching pool this week, but lots of finding, sacrament talks, random nosebleeds (Matthew's always had those), and another flat tire on his comp's bike.

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