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At the last place, Matthew's water was going out. At this place, it's the air conditioning and the electricity.

Matthew started April Fools Day nice and early.

He intentionally set his alarm for 2:30; when it went off he and his companion got up and had companion prayer, and it wasn't until Matthew returned from the bathroom and his comp checked for msgs on their phone that he discovered the problem with the clock....  (No word on how much sleep each of them got after that.)

Lots of conference-watching, eating and visiting w/ members. They tried to watch a session w/ an investigator, but were stood up and had to hustle back to their apt to watch it.

Sunday evening they hung out in their dinner appt's back yard for a while with their 50 chickens, and their pig didn't like the elders being there and attacked Matthew twice. (The worst he got was a scratched leg.)  On the way back...another flat bike tire.


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